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As a proud Ramsey Solutions SmartVestor Pro, Spencer is committed to helping his clients find the freedom and confidence that comes from living a debt-free and financially independent life. Each SmartVestor agrees to a detailed Code of Conduct and undergoes a strict vetting process followed by ongoing mentoring, monitoring, and reviews of client feedback. Through clear, understandable communication and honest, unbiased advice, Spencer supports clients every step of the way as they invest for retirement, save for their children’s college fund, protect their family from life’s surprises, and become a good steward of their wealth through tax, risk, wealth management strategies. 

Additionally, we firmly believe these principals can make all the difference when learned early on. Through our sponsorship with Ramsey Solutions, we’re providing Bismarck’s Century High School with Foundations in Personal Finance, the country’s leading personal finance curriculum. These students will learn budgeting, saving, investing, paying for college, and so much more!

SmartVestor™ is an advertising service for investing professionals. Advertising fees paid by the SmartVestor Pros are not connected to any commission, portfolio, service, product, or other service offered or rendered by any SmartVestor Pros. SmartVestor Pros are subject to initial vetting by Ramsey Solutions, and they affirm a Code of Conduct. SmartVestor Pros are not employees or agents of Ramsey Solutions. Neither Ramsey Solutions nor its affiliates are engaged in rendering investing or other professional advice. Ramsey Solutions does not receive, control, access, or monitor client funds, accounts, or portfolios. Ramsey Solutions does not warrant any services of SmartVestor Pros and makes no claim or promise of any result or success of retaining a SmartVestor Pro. Your use of SmartVestor, including the decision to retain the services of any SmartVestor Pro, is at your sole discretion and risk. Any services rendered by SmartVestor Pros you contact are solely that of the SmartVestor Pro. The contact links provided connect to third-party sites. Ramsey Solutions and its affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information contained on third-party websites.

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